Kenya-based Startup BitLipa Launches Block-chain Focused Peer-to-peer Remittance Network

The newly launched P2P remittance network will allow wallet holders to send money with ease to any destination in the world.


About BitLipa

BitLipa is a Kenya-based tech company established in 2019. It provides bitcoin-focused payment solution to businesses and individuals. BitLipa makes it possible for companies to receive payments in bitcoin and then convert it to their choosing currency. The platform can be accessed via various devices, including Android phones.

Currently, BitLipa only recognizes and accepts Bitcoin and Ether, and have plans to add other coins as time goes on.

BitLipa users can conveniently change their fiat currencies into the crypto of their choosing and then transfer it to the recipient. And, as earlier said, when the crypto settles in the recipient’s BitLipa’s account, it can be converted via the app to the recipient’s local currency, and then transferred to his or her local bank. The recipient may also choose to spend the crypto directly without converting to the a local currency.

Since its inception, thousands of people have downloaded and are using BitLipa. The founders also hope to hit 1 million downloads and users before August 2020. BitLipa has also secured a robust partnership with Engima securities, a partnership that will see it offer Bitcoin liquidity.

Apollo Eric, Co-founder of the Kenya-based startup, BitLipa, said the company has been able to establish a robust working relationship with local banks that are assisting it with numerous banking services, including fiat liquidity.


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