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Kenya IT solutions provider CompuLynx launches touchless body thermometers to curb the spread of COVID-19 in workspaces

Compulnyx staff

Kenya-based IT solutions provider, Compulynx provides smart technology-driven solutions that optimize business processes. The company just introduced an AI-based facial recognition and temperature monitoring software as part of its contact-less bio-metrics. The new technology will help in containing direct transmission of Covid-19 in workplaces.

The advanced facial recognition technology helps identify individuals wearing masks and detect their body temperature without making physical contact. Body temperature is measured at a medical accuracy level of ±0.3℃. Temperature above the safety range automatically triggers an alarm that hinders the ‘door-open’ signal. All employee records current and past visitor/employee records are digitally stored and time-stamped for managerial review. History can capture over 100,000 faces.

E-Face technology can improve the screening process of workers and health individuals passing through shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, factories, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.

With the ease of lockdown restrictions, businesses are eager to resume normal operations in a manner that guarantees health and safety. Thus the new E-face technology leverages innovation to power AI-based facial recognition & temperature monitoring technology throughout East Africa.

During the product launch,  Richard Katiwa, the Director of IT at CompuLynx pointed out how organizations globally are strained by considering the number of possibly infected people who can walk inside their stores.

The new temperature pass management and face recognition will enable ease of identification, avoids physical contact, and eliminate potential hotspots to spread the disease especially through existing devices like shared biometric scanners for employee/visitor identification, time and attendance, etc

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