Kenya retail startup MarketForce registers $350K startup capital


Mesozi Group received $350,000 capital infusion from ViKtoria Business Angels Network(VBAN), Growing Africa Capital, and other global Venture Capitalists. The company was founded by Tesh Mbaabu and Mesongo Sibuti.

In a press release, the company expressed their pleasure in the announcement of a $350,000 seed investment that will be primarily channeled to MarketForce 360, their flagship product. This comprises a field sales and distribution automation software that will maximize their current momentum and opening up the product to new revenue streams. MarketForce 360 should boost its performance throughout East Africa.

MarketForce 360 gives consumer brands the opportunity to deliver essential goods and services to consumers and retailers by capitalizing on an information-based approach. This greatly enhances the sales and distribution value chain.

Mesozi gives both employed and independent field agents an opportunity to record customer transactions in real-time. This covers orders, feedback, deliveries, and payments. The company will ensure retail outlets order and pay for goods directly from the nearest supplier.

The field data collected can be presented through live web dashboards, in a manner in which the manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and distributors can analyze their distribution channels. Data collected helps in estimating demand while tailoring the sales, marketing, and distribution strategies based on trends presented and consumer purchasing habits.

Co-Founder and CEO of MarketForce 360, Tesh Mbaabu, was upbeat over the investment. “2020 has been an incredibly important year for us,” she said. “we are ready to aggressively grow our customer base as we make an impact in the expansive African retail and distribution economy.”


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