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A Kenyan Company Introduces Telematic Car Insurance to Monitor Driving Behavior


TechInAfrica – To promote safety and improve customer engagement, Kenya Wealth Insurance introduced the country’s first telematic automobile insurance. The new service, Auto Correct, is powered by telematics technology, a method of recording and processing driving data.

Using telematics capabilities as well as data and analysis, the device collects and transmits driving behaviour models related to acceleration, braking and cornering. A complete formula then uses the driving data collected to calculate an appropriate driving score, ultimately assessing whether a vehicle is being driven well or poorly.

Based on the overall driving results, the customer should benefit from a reduction in the cost of insurance through a cash refund of premiums at the end of each insurance year. It is also expected that the overall claims against the company will be reduced.

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This new service aims to improve service delivery and significantly accelerate claims settlement, according to the company’s general manager, Godfrey Kioi. “Telematics is not limited to automobile insurance pricing or driver behaviour. Our philosophy is to cement customer centricity in the industry by engaging the customer and generating rewarding and memorable experiences,” said Kioi.

As Heritage Insurance has revealed, all private motor vehicle owners are eligible for the Auto Correct program and, if they drive safely, customers could earn up to 15% cash back on annual premiums paid at the end of their coverage period. Customers will also earn loyalty points that can be redeemed from time to time at certain service providers.

Auto Correct comes with a smartphone application, which provides driving experience feedback, weekly, monthly and annual scores as well as loyalty point accumulation and management. The application also provides information on where and how to redeem loyalty points.

Kioi added that the service promises a “mix of smart black box technology, driver feedback and attractive rewards to improve driver behaviour, potentially reducing both accident frequency and insurance costs.



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