Kgopotso Mmutlane- The Young South African Millionaire who Invested in Forex Trade

Kgopotso Mmutlane

Kgopotso Mmutlane who is also known by many as DJ Coach Tsekeleke is one of the South African youngest millionaires. Motodi village where he was born is closely located to Burgersfort Town in Limpopo province. DJ is the CEO and founder of Forex Broker Killer Institution that deals with forex trade. DJ describes himself as a philanthropist, an author, forex trader and a serial entrepreneur. He was born and raised up in a Christian family where he was staying in a small shack with his parents. He got an urge to work harder when he realized that there were those who were staying in beautiful homes than them.

During a recent interview with Soweto Urban, he said that he always had an urge of becoming a professional DJ. However, his parents who believed that this profession was a playing ground for the devil were against his wish. He used to sneak away and go DJ without the knowledge of his parents. The street dwellers enjoyed his mixes hence he was nicknamed DJ Coach Tsekeleke. Despite him being young his ambition, faith and knowledge are what keep him going.

According to him, he developed an interest in forex trade after hearing it from his friend at Leolo High School. He adds that he was introduced into the business by Merika Mphogo in April 2016. He then carried out his research and realized that he could make more money through it. He was motivated by Sandton ‘boys’ who used to tell them that they will get rich quickly. According to him, making money takes a lot of time. He says that he lost his school fees worth R15,000 with a hope of becoming a millionaire within a week.

DJ says that one can only be successful if they have successful mentors and invest in the right knowledge. After a short period of trading, he founded Forex Broker Killer Institution. He adds that he launched a foundation that he uses to give back to the needy. The foundation helps him to reflect on where he came from and how he overcame poverty to get to where he is now. The foreign exchange financial sector is the largest globally with above $6.5 trillion in trade.

The market is known for having high risks and the needing for high capital. This is why in most cases large corporates and banks are the ones that participate in its trade. But DJ says that he made it simple for himself and made it pocket-friendly by offering free seminars and classes that are affordable. He adds that the trade is 90% risk one can lose their money at any time since brokers know how to play with people’s emotions. One can fall on 5% of the total winning category in case they chose on fundamental analysis.

He adds that each mentor with a relationship with a broker is a thief. According to him, there are two categories of traders that are Instagram traders and forex traders. The main difference between the two is that forex traders show the reality of forex while forex brokers are the real enemies. This will make one understand the operations of the markets.  Instagram traders will always take an individual to various brokers with weird links. That is how they take people’s money not allowing them to lose.


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