Mobiclix Partners With Apigate to Make Inroads in the Middle East and Asia


MobiClix, one-stop distribution solution for leading brands gives marketing, localization, and product adaptation strategies within unexplored new markets, resulting in new revenue streams. The startup has managed to empower world leading Brands to get to more than 900 million new customers globally since 2015. It has managed to do that through its Mobile distribution ecosystem using its Global Payment Network. Some of its partners include WWE, Hopster, Bushiroad, Intel, and Sega. The company is currently operational in more than 19 markets offering its services to 5 million paid users worldwide.

Its Global Payment Network links more than 27million people globally. Some of its partners who are connected are Telenor, Orange, Vodafone, Ooredoo, SingTel among others. MobiClix managed to secure Series A funding in 2017 from MUFG, the largest bank in Japan and Bushiroad the leading entertainment and gaming company.

MobiClix on 30th May 2018 announced a partnership with Apigate. The partnership will see the two increase their audience base, revenue and make inroads in the Middle East and Asia.

The company will use its top quality content to get to more users in the Middle East and Asia. It will get to that by using Direct Carrier Billing and Subscription Services offered by Apigate. MobiClix’s CEO, Ido Bukin said that the partnership would be of much benefit to both the two. It will help them to get more on the mobile payment market and give their users quality products. He added that the partnership would improve the experience and lives of mobile users across the Middle East and Asia. Bukin said that the partnership would put in place new standards in the industry. Apigate’s CEO Zoran Vasiljiev, said that the two regions are playing an important role in the growth of consumption of online content. The digital merchants from the regions are majorly shifting their focus on monetization and user acquisition. Zoran was happy that MobiClix considered his company for partnership. He added that they are expecting to raise revenue and help MobiClix benefit from their audience.

Apigate is a branch of Axiata Digital which is part of Axiata Group. The group is amongst the leading telecommunication groups in Asia with a customer base of more than 320 million. Additionally, it has 1.8 million retail shops within eight counties in Southern and South Asia. The Brazilian and Indian Mobile connect Hubs of Apigate brings together 7 Brazilian and 6 Indian operators. The operators serve a customer base of more than 936 million. Apigate assists Service and Content providers, SMEs, developers, mobile network operators and tech startups get to consumers using its App Application Programming Interface (API) platform. It uses its API Gateway Hubs in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa together with leading application marketplaces to offer access to mobile phone clients within each service. This is meant for identity, mobile money, messaging, voice and carrier billing.

The company also helps businesses to serve and securely charge customers on their applications. This helps them to ease the required process through a single committed point of contact. The integrated model speeds up the process and get to customers and reduces the business barriers. Axiata Digital Services (AD) is the digital side of Axiata Group Berhad (Axiata).

AD was launched to get support for the Axiata client’s digital needs. Within four years, the AD has a total of 26 digital brands. The brand’s majors in digital financial services like micro-landing, micro-insurance, e-wallets, and remittance. It also focuses on the digital platform and advertising services that major on Application Programming Interface (API’s).


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