Orange Partners with Apigate to Improve API Services

Apigate, Orange, Axiata Digital

Apigate and Orange have announced a new collaboration between them to boost their individual API hubs. Orange is a global telecommunications operator while Apigate is a subsidiary company of Axiata Digital. The partnership is aimed at improving the world global transformation. Bizao is the Orange and Apigate’s new hub. The hub will depend on their geographical capability across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa to offer APIs to businesses. It will also offer an efficient and streamlined method of getting customers through one entry point across the regions.

APIs give impetus for digital innovations and revolutions which help in the development of new services like communications, mobile payments, and identification. The partnership will also help Apigate to deliver a Digital enablement Hub to Bizao. Moreover, it will deliver a hub-hub connection of the two operator’s API platforms to enable a single commercial, technical integration. This will also ensure quick deployment for businesses to allocate and finance their services.  Moreover, the integrated platform will address many operators across every operator’s areas in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Orange recorded sales worth 41 billion euros in 2017 and it had 152,000 employees globally by 31st December 2017. The number included 93,000 employees in France. The company now operates in 29 countries with a customer base of 273 million customers globally. Moreover, it had 211 million mobile customers and 20 million fixed broadband customers by 31st December 2017. Orange is a leading provider of world telecommunication and IT services to multinational companies using the brand Orange Business Services. The group launched its new strategic plan called Essential2020 in March 2015. The company is also listed on New York Stock Exchange (symbol ORAN) and Euronext Paris (symbol ORA).

Axiata Digital (AD)  Services is the digital side of Axiata Group Berhad (Axiata). The platform was launched to help the increasing digital lifestyle of Axiata Customers. Within a period of four years, the platform has 26 digital brands focused on platform services, digital financial services, and digital advertising.

Apigate is an arm of Axiata Digital and also part of Axiata Group. It is one of the leading telecommunication groups in Asia. The platform has more than 320 million customers and 1.8 million retail touch points across eight countries in Southeast Asia. Apigate’s Application Programming Interface (API) platform helps Mobile Network Operators. It also helps Content and Services Providers, SMEs, Developers and Tech Startups to get to consumers around the world. The platform also uses its API Gateway hubs in four continents to offer access to mobile phone consumers. The four continents include Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Moreover, the integrated model improves speed and customers reach. It also minimizes the barriers to carry out businesses.

Bizao is a new hub offering a central shop for companies constructing mobile services for the African and Middle Eastern market. The platform delivers on Orange’s strategy to be the main player in a digital transformation in Africa and the Middle East.


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