KiwiGo, now a new member of OCCE

OCCE welcomes Kiwipay between its members


OCCE welcomes Kiwipay as one of its members while initiating new experiments and technologies that raise the stakes of the circular economy, reuse/recycling, short exchange channels, and local economic growth.

KiwiPay, the Laos-based company launched KiwiGo app, a multi-service application that’s working towards being the leading fintech across Africa, Asia, and Europe offering cashless mobile payment solutions that connect emerging and frontier markets in the global fintech space with the rest of the world. Kiwigroup can regroup 10 different services into a single app that includes both e-payment and e-money solutions. Responsible digital enterprises play a lead role in the transition towards sustainable economic models.

KiwiGo super app was created after acquiring the Meal Temple Group in 2020.  KiwiGo app began by offering a food delivery service and has now extended to 10 services today. As the company grows into a leading tech company, it offers everyday services to millions of users across Southeast Asia.

Last year, Laos-based KiwiPay announced a plan to expand into seven countries through a global expansion drive. Back then KiwiPay signed an agreement with the Laos Ministry of Finance, Laos Central Bank, and Lao Development bank. The agreement will provide cashless solutions for visa processing across Laos borders and cashless payment channels. The aim was to tap into these Chinese visitors for tourism and trade.

KiwiPay was started as an online payment solution in 2016 across Laos. Today KiwiPay is a leading technology platform that serves over Africa and Southeast Asia.





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