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Kunda Kids has raised $700,000 in funding to expand its African music-inspired animated series.


Kunda Kids, a London-based startup that Africans run, has recently reached a big milestone. They finished a pre-seed fundraising round successfully and got a massive $700,000 to help their cartoon series based on African music grow and expand.

With more money coming in, Kunda Kids can improve their production skills, reach out to more people, and share their captivating stories with even more people.

The digital content business has also announced the launch of its YouTube series, “Kunda and Friends.” This 3D cartoon series, which is driven by music, is made for kids and takes them to a magical place in Africa.

Kunda Kids was started by Oladele Olafuyi and Louisa Olafuyi in 2020. It has quickly grown into a well-known publisher of children’s media and a creative company that has won awards. They want to inspire the next generation to be good members of the world.

The main goal of Kunda Kids is to show children different parts of African culture in ways that are fun, artistic, and easy to understand. Their book, “Africa’s Little Kings & Queens,” has sold over 20,000 books in just two years. It is available in more than 130 countries and is used in more than 300 schools and libraries worldwide.

Kunda Kids and its idea came from a desire to include more cultural, historical, and language learning tools in children’s books to promote diversity and inclusion.

The company’s goal is to teach children important values like self-confidence, teamwork, and kindness by telling stories that are fun and interesting and that teach them about different cultures.

Their dedication to making high-quality material that kids from different backgrounds can relate to has helped them win several prestigious awards.

Kunda Kids shows how powerful it can be for children’s media to combine creativity, education, and ethnic representation. Kunda Kids is making a big difference by inspiring the next generation, teaching children how to be good global citizens, and enjoying the richness of African culture. They do this by using new methods and never giving up on helping young minds grow.




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