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Kwik is expanding its business into e-commerce with the launch of the Kwikstore


Kwik is expanding its range of online services with the launching of KwikStore this week – adding another more exciting service to its already outstanding offer to African company social vendors and owners. 

KwikStore is a free e-commerce storefront system that enables African business owners, social vendor entrepreneurs, SME and merchants to sell their goods and services online ans  start their internet stores in less than five minutes, even if they have no prior experience with IT, and operate their businesses directly from their mobile devices.

Social vendors can connect their KwikStores to their social media accounts, which will automate the processes of sale, fulfillment, inventory management, and delivery. This will allow social vendors to focus on sales and marketing rather than administrative tasks.KwikStore is a feature of the Kwik Delivery app that is entirely free to use and does not demand a down payment or service charge in addition to the typical costs charged by payment gateways.

Retailers have complete control over how their KwikStore reflects their company’s image. Once the retailer has authorized a purchase, the transaction for the payment will be handled automatically by the payment partners, and a Kwik rider will be sent to the designated area for the order’s pickup. Alternatively, the customer may choose to pick up the order themselves.

A Kwik account is necessary to use KwikStore, but the platform can be used independently of the Kwik Delivery platform. This allows merchants to use the delivery solution of their choice or to sell anywhere in Africa, even in regions that are not yet serviced by the Kwik Delivery platform.

According to Romain POIROT-LELLIG, Founder & Chief executive Officer of Kwik, “KwikStore represents an important step in positioning Kwik as the one-stop shop for African entrepreneurs to manage and expand their business; from their smartphone.” KwikStore is an e-commerce platform that allows users to sell goods and services online. We would continue to extend our offering of cutting-edge digital services to empower African business owners to expand their operations by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by technological advancement.

Olivier DECROCK, cofounder and chief technology officer of Kwik, has stated that the company is “extremely delighted to have created KwikStore in Nigeria alongside our increasing software development team.” “Kwik is deeply committed to expanding its capacity for product creation in the country.

Kwik was established in 2018 to provide innovative digital services to African business owners in delivery, payment, and fulfillment.




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