The launch of 3G network system in Uganda by Airtel

Airtel Uganda 3G

Recently, Airtel Uganda announced their intention to launch a 3G network system. The communication keeps gaining grounds in the whole country. Moreover, this will enhance the mobile broadband nationwide. The thriving report from the company assures Airtel subscribers of reliable and fast network coverage shortly. The coverage will not depend on the geographical location of the subscribers.

The reports from VG Somasekhar who is the executive managing Director of Airtel Uganda indicated a constructive and comprehensive audit to meet this objective. The director echoed the firm financial support set aside by the company in line with this project. The company management wants to see the completion of the project in the next four months. It implies that Uganda based Airtel subscribers can enjoy the spicy speed of 3G mobile broadband shortly.

Moreover, the director added that construction works are ongoing in various sites. Besides, other parts only await installation. He also said that the management intends to enhance rural coverage in the country. He also added that the company had set the new system of Blasta bundles. The system will enable the Airtel users to access the simplified internet. This new data set as programmed should meet the varied needs of Airtel subscribers.

The move by the company received appreciation from the government of Uganda. Present at the launch of this project was the Prime Minister of Uganda who also acted as the guest of honor. He recommended the company for such a noble idea. He also highlighted that it was crucial for the country’s ICT sector as a sphere for economic growth.  Additionally, he said that the new invention would empower a significant number of citizens. Eventually, he said that there would be advanced access to mobile broadband services and increased internet connectivity. He appreciated the role played by the network providing companies as the country climb high to meeting desirable technological standards.


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