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LetzChat, powered by AI, is transforming language solutions in the healthcare sector.


AI is changing how we work, live, learn, and talk to each other. LetzChat is a revolutionary tool that uses AI to translate live and in real time between 104 different languages and all kinds of communication.

As of June 5, 2023, the platform teamed up with Managed Health, a well-known employee benefits firm. This gave all employees the power to do real-time translation. The goal of this partnership is to provide Managed Health and its client’s cutting-edge language solutions that will improve communication and help everyone feel welcome at work.

As the world’s workforce becomes more varied, language barriers are becoming a big problem for companies that want to help their employees communicate well and get fair services. LetzChat saw this need and developed a unique AI-powered language translation solution that can translate between multiple languages quickly and accurately in real time.

Managed Health wants to break down language barriers by adding LetzChat’s advanced translation technology to its employee benefits platform. This way, all workers will have the same access to critical information and services.

The CSO of Managed Health, Ernie Hinojosa, said, “We are thrilled to work with LetzChat to offer our clients a state-of-the-art language solution.” “By using LetzChat’s cutting-edge AI technology, we can give organisations the tools they need to close communication gaps and make the workplace more welcoming for everyone.”

LetzChat’s language solution uses machine learning algorithms to provide correct translations and make sense in the context in which they are used. This cutting-edge technology helps businesses organise their processes, provide better customer service, and involve their employees more.

The partnership between LetzChat and Managed Health is a big step forward in helping companies deal with the language problems they face in our globalised world.




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