Liquid Intelligent Technologies Launches New Africa Fiber Routes


Pan-African technology company Liquid Intelligent Technologies has launched two new terrestrial fibre links across Africa – connecting Kenya with Ethiopia and linking Zambia to Malawi.

The over 1,000-kilometer Kenya-Ethiopia route provides Ethiopian businesses cloud access in Kenya, enabling regional data to stay on the continent.

Liquid Kenya’s CEO Adil El Youssefi said this route aligns with the Kenyan government’s Digital Superhighway Initiative to strengthen ICT infrastructure. It is Liquid’s first contribution to the public-private flagship project.

In partnership with Kenya Electricity Transmission Company and Ethiopia Electric Power, the high-capacity fibre connects Nairobi with southern Ethiopia’s Mega town. It complements existing cross-border connectivity with carrier-grade performance.

The new link also connects underserved Kenyan and Ethiopian towns for greater accessibility. Liquid said it will rapidly expand regional data traffic.

Additionally, a 711km Zambia-Malawi route gives direct access to data centres and content caches in South Africa.

Headquartered in Mauritius, Liquid operates in over 25 African countries with an extensive 110,000km fibre.

Recent expansions include a high-speed ring around Gaborone, Botswana’s capital, and a new route from Mombasa, Kenya, to the DRC’s Muanda.

Partnerships with companies like Nokia have also yielded new links between Kenya and South Africa and connections from Mauritius to South Africa.

Liquid’s continued infrastructure investments aim to enable African digital transformation through reliable, high-performance connectivity across borders. Seamless regional links support technology adoption and economic collaboration.



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