Nigerian Dating App Trueflutter Connects Singles Seeking Meaningful Relationships


In today’s digital age, Nigerian dating and matchmaking app Trueflutter aims to help singles find compatible partners who share their values and aspirations for love.

With over 2 million successful matches and 27 weddings facilitated last year alone, Trueflutter has impacted a society where cultural traditions have historically shaped courtship. The app provides a modern platform for young Nigerians to connect beyond family and religious circles.

Trueflutter was founded by brothers Dare and Ayo Olatoye, who initially built communities and hosted Nigeria’s largest speed dating events. This allowed them to test the MVP concept before launching their app, which now boasts over 300,000 subscribers.

The app offers optional matchmaking services where users first consult with a representative about their relationship goals and preferences. Subscription plans allow users to access features like prominent voice requests to increase visibility.

While in-app purchases provide added features, privacy remains paramount. Trueflutter aims to enable serious relationships, not casual encounters. User testimonials like Bukola’s, who found her soulmate after years of searching, showcase the app’s ability to foster genuine connections.

As Dare notes, cultural attitudes traditionally emphasised family introductions or faith community meetups for finding partners. Trueflutter’s secure platform helps bridge the gap between these norms and modern dating desires.

The pandemic also accelerated adoption as bored singles looked online. However, some still required reassurance from others’ positive app experiences before trying it themselves.

Running a dating app in Nigeria poses unique challenges like unreliable internet access. But Trueflutter optimised for limited bandwidth and invested heavily in security and privacy protections.

They also attracted angel investors and raised $50,000 last year to fund expansion plans. Dare emphasises that beyond having an appealing product, showing investors your team’s dedication and vision is key.

With Africa’s large youth population, the market potential remains immense. By facilitating meaningful relationships, Trueflutter is pioneering modern courtship tied to traditional marriage and family values.

The app fulfils the timeless quest for companionship in a cultural context where technology hasn’t always been welcome. But by embracing innovation to serve personal needs, Trueflutter is writing a new chapter on how young Nigerians find love.



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