Liquid Telecom Rwanda Partners With Microsoft Corporation

Rwanda, Liquid Telecom, Microsoft Corporation

Liquid Telecom is one of the leading internet service providers in Africa. The company signed a partnership with Microsoft in 2017 to offer cloud services. Some of the services include those that people frequently use though a good number are not aware of this. One of the cloud services is Gmail account. However, the company wants to make the services more accessible in an easy way by many Rwandans.

Liquid Telecom Rwanda is a branch of Liquid Telecom. The company announced its partnership with Microsoft Corporation on 26th February 2018. The partnership will help Liquid Telecom Rwanda’s customers get Office 365 products. Office 365 is a group of cloud-based products and services. The services are offered by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company. Liquid Telecom aims at promoting the African Cloud revolution to drive transformation. This will be achieved by enabling individuals and businesses to do their work through tapping into Liquid’s cloud services.

Liquid Telecom customers will be able to get business-class emails and instant messaging. They will also access web conferencing, file storage in the cloud, private social networking and team sites. The services will help businesses to develop and build solutions. It will also help them to test and deploy the solutions in the cloud. In the past, IT developers were required to have their setups like server rooms. They were also required to deploy complex equipment that was costly and take more time to develop. Using Cloud solutions they are now able to deploy IT solutions on the cloud with platforms already built. They are also able to test the solutions.

Millions of businesses and people are currently using Microsoft cloud services globally. Those who are using password and email addresses to sign into Microsoft services and devices like Skype have Microsoft account. A new technology called Cloud computing helps in the delivery of services across the internet. Big businesses and startups are moving from traditional infrastructure to cloud. Cloud computing will improve the operation of businesses.

Initially, people used to purchase software products on compact disks (CDs). The disk was then installed on computers to make it easy to use services. Some also gave money to those traveling overseas to get them the right software. However, that has completely changed through the use of cloud computing. Cloud computing has also made it easier to carry out startup operations. Businesses can store their information in the cloud. This makes it easy to share the document. They can also carry out many activities through the internet.

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