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Logistics startup Amitruck partners with ecommerce platform Sky.Garden in exemplary value-cooperation deal


Amitruck Kenya’s logistics platform has partnered with Sky.Garden to form an end-to-end digital chain for the pick-up and delivery of goods over the last mile. Amitruck will power Sky.Garden’s 6,000 B2B clients and help keep the business alive while maintaining jobs across the industries it supports.

Mark Mwangi, Amitruck’s CEO termed the explosion of tech hubs across the continent as an opportunity for economies to scale despite the lockdowns that arise from the pandemic. The idea is to keep both economic and social value chains alive while creating growth that requires teamwork, partnerships, and greater investments in technology.

Both companies have built smart Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies that help secure and maintain a competitive edge from players such as Google and Amazon Web Services. Cooperation between both companies has created hundreds of jobs due to the adoption of innovative digital models.

The adoption of the African Continental Free Trade Area, digital logistics and e-commerce is poised to remove trade barriers and establish trade routes in the world’s largest economic zone.


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