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Luno and FoodForward South Africa have formed a partnership to facilitate cryptocurrency donations from South Africans


The cryptocurrency platform Luno and the non-profit group FoodForward SA have joined forces to make it possible for South Africans to give money to charity using bitcoin.

Andy Du Plessis, who is the managing director of FoodForward SA, says that using crypto for donations makes them more transparent and makes sure that all payments can be checked.

At FoodForward SA, we place a strong emphasis on both open communication and creative problem-solving in our business practices. Donors now can contribute to Bitcoin to support our efforts to ensure food security thanks to our partnership with Luno, the largest crypto platform in South Africa.

The underlying technology stops corruption and lowers fees, which is essential for any non-profit organization,” Du Plessis said.FoodForward SA gets good-quality, edible food left over from manufacturers, retailers, and farmers and gives it to nearly 2,750 organizations that have been checked out and help almost 950,000 vulnerable people every day. In South Africa, the group says it gave out 48 million meals to needy people during the last financial year.

Christo de Wit, the SA country manager for Luno, said that another benefit is that Bitcoin donations can be sent from anywhere in the world almost instantly.

Because Bitcoin transactions are public, you can be sure that the total amount of your donation goes to the cause. And the organization only has to pay the standard fee that the Bitcoin network charges. FoodForward SA gets all of the money given to them. FoodForward SA can help even more poor South Africans this way, said de Wit.

FoodForward SA spends R0.68 to send one meal. You can give money here, and you don’t have to be a Luno customer.




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