Malawi and Zambia Sign Deal to Enhance Internet Connectivity, Reduce Data Costs


Malawi and Zambia have signed an agreement aimed at improving Internet connectivity and reducing data prices between the two developing African nations. At last week’s signing ceremony in Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital city, Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu said the new “Diplomatic Data Corridor” will provide citizens with expanded opportunities through increased affordable Internet access. 

Kunkuyu noted that collaboration between Malawi and Zambia is beginning to yield tangible cooperation in telecommunications and other areas as the countries seek to boost economic growth and digital transformation. “Together, we are resolving to partner in policy, regulation, spectrum management, and more,” he remarked. 

Zambia’s Technology Minister Felix Mutati, who signed the deal in Lilongwe, echoed the importance of connectivity for unlocking economic advancement and possibilities. Decades of poverty and underdevelopment have left many in Malawi and Zambia without reliable, affordable Internet access. 

Under the corridor agreement, Malawi can utilise Zambian government infrastructure to establish an Internet pathway at a reasonable cost, according to Malawi’s Electricity Supply Corporation (ESCOM), a parastatal entity. Specifically, connectivity will be enabled between ESCOM and Zambia’s FibreCom, leveraging existing fibre infrastructure. 

ESCOM CEO Kamkwamba Kumwenda said the aim is to reduce data expenses to make the Internet more accessible for ordinary citizens through this arrangement. “The agreement lays the foundation for affordable connectivity now and in the future,” he stated. 

Kumwenda affirmed ESCOM’s readiness to deliver reliable digital services that are within reach, calling it a catalyst for development. Meanwhile, Mutati pledged Zambia’s continued efforts to enable cheaper web access. 

This deal comes as similar connectivity agreements are being forged across Africa between companies and governments seeking to expand infrastructure and reduce costs. 

With the Internet critical for economic growth and opportunity, joint initiatives like the Malawi-Zambia Data Corridor exemplify positive steps toward making connectivity achievable for more Africans. 



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