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Meet the Founder: Ola Brown, CEO of Flying Doctors Nigeria


TechInAfrica – Flying Doctors Nigeria is to be the first startup company that provides the homegrown air ambulance service in West Africa. Its CEO, Ola Brown, shared the story about her experience and the company she runs, including the journey, the challenges, and insights to give to other entrepreneurs.

Brown studied in medical school in the university. Right before she started Flying Doctors Nigeria, she used to think that she was intelligent enough as she often heard people said so. But, her perception was wrong after she started the company. She figured that business skills are different from skills for the practice of medicine that she had learned. Thus, to keep up with her lacking, she had to learn and develop business skills.

Flying Doctors Nigeria
Flying Doctors Nigeria via

Brown admitted that the lack of business knowledge was her great weakness that affects her role as the leader in the company. Therefore, she had to take courses on sales and marketing, organizational structure, operations, building a brand, and processes.

Brown explained that to be an entrepreneur and the boss, you have to be authentic, open, and put yourself as a leader who listens to people more. Furthermore, she said that leading is not about being a boss, but about serving and helping more people to grow and improve their skills.

Ola Brown, CEO of Flying Doctors Nigeria
Ola Brown, CEO of Flying Doctors Nigeria via

When Brown asked what she wished to know about entrepreneurship before she started her company, she answered that she wished to know the importance of “preparedness” and “experience” because she found them necessary and crucial.

At last, Brown gives her advice to all entrepreneurs: “read books, watch videos, take short courses in accounting and finance, leadership and culture, and understanding the world of business. Learn about sales and marketing, building a brand, operations, organizational structure, and processes to take yourself from being just somebody who just has technical skills to somebody who knows how to build an institution.”


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