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Meta to launch Web Version of Threads”


Threads, the standalone text-based application by Meta, may not have debuted with revolutionary features last month, but its distinct advantage lies in its seamless integration with Instagram. This differentiates it from comparable applications like Twitter (now š¯•¸), Truth Social, and Mastodon.

Following its launch, Threads experienced an astonishing surge in popularity, garnering a staggering 100 million users in merely five days. This remarkable achievement has positioned it as the fastest-growing app ever.

Its popularity waned swiftly, and users reverted to the familiar š¯•¸ platform. In a matter of a month, the Android app’s daily active users dropped from 49.3 million to 10.3 million, as reported by Similarweb on August 10th.

Meta Platforms intends to launch a web version of Threads to reverse the current decline. This move incorporates additional features to enhance its utility for power users, such as brands, company accounts, advertisers, and journalists.

Recent developments have included the introduction of new features. Users can now receive post notifications for specific accounts and access a chronological feed, improving their overall experience. Additionally, Meta Platforms is reportedly working on an improved search feature. This upgrade would empower users to search for individual posts, moving beyond the current search limited to accounts.

Despite the absence of several š¯•¸/Twitter-like features such as a trending page, direct messaging, and an š¯•¸ Spaces feature, Meta is placing its bets on the upcoming web version launch and introducing new features to reverse the situation.

Although Meta has not announced a precise launch date for the web version, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has indicated that it might happen in the futureĀ 




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