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Ghanaian Agri-tech Startup, Oyster Agribusiness, Secures $310k Investment”


Oyster Agribusiness in Ghana  has secured US$310,000 through grant and debt financing. This funding will enable the company to further its objectives of promoting sustainable agriculture, gender inclusion, and effective talent management.

Oyster Agribusiness stands out by leveraging advanced technology and maintaining solid partnerships with smallholder farmers.

Root Capital, a nonprofit lending organization committed to fostering resilience and economic well-being in rural communities, facilitated the funding. In addition to the financing, Oyster Agribusiness received two awards, adding up to an extra US$10,000 in support.

Established in 2018, Oyster Agribusiness empowers smallholder farmers by providing sustainable inputs, advanced agronomic practices, and reliable market access for their produce.

The company achieves this objective by leveraging technology to manage input distribution efficiently and yield optimization and utilizing innovative tools like seeders for planting and drones for spraying.

Expressing gratitude, Edmond Kombat, the CEO and founder of Oyster Agribusiness, emphasized the importance of Root Capital, partners, and grant providers in recognizing the company’s mission. The secured funding will facilitate expansion, enhance gender inclusion efforts, and invest in their skilled team. This approach aligns with Oyster Agribusiness’s vision of fostering a thriving and sustainable agricultural sector.




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