Nigerian Rideshare App Lets Users Share Trips and Earn


With transport costs surging in Nigeria, pleading rides from strangers has become commonplace. MyCoPilot offers a solution by enabling private car owners and passengers travelling the same route to share rides through its platform.

MyCoPilot’s CEO, Nnamdi Jeffrey Emmanuel Chizoba, said his goal was to facilitate affordable, comfortable long-distance travel and generate extra income for drivers.

“Skyrocketing fares make ridesharing sensible,” Chizoba explains. “MyCoPilot allows Nigerians to share trips, ride economically, and earn as car owners.”

MyCoPilot prioritises safety through verified user IDs, utility bills, and facial recognition. Trip tracking and emergency alerts provide security beyond regular platforms.

Unlike dominant players like Uber and Bolt, MyCoPilot carved a niche, solving Nigerian economic challenges. Drivers can make over 600,000 Naira monthly by sharing just four daily commutes. Healthcare benefits also come after completing rides.

Drivers must fully register and meet vehicle standards and insurance requirements. Passengers register. Users can fluidly alternate between driver and passenger roles.

Despite being new, adoption has outpaced projections. User validation was unanimous. Downloads reached 2,000 in one month versus 500 expected. Over 40 trips have already been completed.

Chizoba explained that exponential user growth has been the main hurdle, but he is aiming for millions of active users soon. They have focused on organic expansion before seeking investment.

MyCoPilot taps into ridesharing’s popularity in Nigeria. Its tailored model solves pressing local economic needs. Strong early adoption and ambitious goals position this platform to empower Nigerians to profit from daily commutes.



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