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MFS Africa gets Egypt’s top fintech award.


MFS Africa, a well-known pan-African fintech company, won the prestigious African Banker Awards in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. It was named Fintech of the Year. This award shows that the company is committed to changing the way millions of Africans handle their money by giving innovative payment solutions that work across borders.

The Fintech of the Year award also shows that MFS Africa is committed to changing the financial sector in Africa. It does this through its extensive network, which links mobile money providers, banks, fintech companies, money transfer operators, and businesses. This connected network makes it easy for people and companies to make deals that work well with each other.

The award solidifies MFS Africa’s place as a leader in Fintech. It shows how committed it is to driving meaningful financial inclusion across the continent, according to the people who put on the awards.

Dare Okoudjou, founder and chief executive officer of MFS Africa, said, “We are truly honored to win the Fintech of the Year award. This vital award shows how complex and dedicated the MFS Africa team has worked. We are committed to building a payments infrastructure that will last a hundred years and change how Africans do business with each other and the rest of the world. I want to thank the African Banker Awards on behalf of the team for recognizing what we’ve done for the African banking sector.

The African Banker Awards are given out every year at the meetings of the African Development Bank to recognize stars in the African financial services sector who have made a big difference. At this year’s awards event, MFS Africa’s great work was recognized, and the company’s role in improving financial inclusion and connectivity across the continent was brought to light.

MFS Africa is sure that access is the key to breaking down barriers and making things fair in Africa, making countries irrelevant. The company connects mobile money operators, businesses, banks, non-bank financial institutions, money transfer operators, and online and offline vendors to over 400 million mobile money wallets in over 35 African countries.

Through its extensive network, MFS Africa works with partners worldwide to make borders less critical by making sending and receiving money within and across countries easy. Watch their movie manifesto to learn more about what they want to do.

With the Fintech of the Year award in its hands, MFS Africa is still at the forefront of making significant changes in the African fintech industry. The company’s innovative payment solutions and dedication to financial inclusion make it a driver of progress in the region, allowing Africans to engage more fully in the global economy and go beyond the limits of traditional economic systems.




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