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Microsoft Announces the Launch of Copilot, Now Integrated with Various Apps and Services


First revealed in March 2023, Copilot is now set to launch, marking a significant advancement in user experience for Microsoft users. Microsoft officially introduced Copilot, an AI assistant set to replace Cortana, at its Surface and AI event on Thursday. But its identity is not just in its name; its functionality truly stands out.

Microsoft is integrating this new AI assistant across various services, including Windows 11, Edge, Microsoft 365, and its search engine, Bing. Described as “your everyday AI companion,” Microsoft Copilot, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, will uniquely merge the context and intelligence of the web, your work data, and your current PC activities to offer enhanced assistance, keeping your privacy and security as a priority.

Satya Nadella, the Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, highlighted at the event that this AI assistant will revolutionize personal computing by enabling individuals to interact more naturally with their devices using their “natural language.” Copilot can extract data from your calendar, email, documents, or any app to analyze your context and content, assisting you in swiftly drafting texts or emails and offering instant recommendations, optimizing your workflow, and conserving your precious time.

Starting September 26, Windows 11, users can anticipate the rollout of Copilot as a complimentary update. It will be available in Bing Search, Edge, and other services in October. Alongside Copilot, Microsoft also revealed its latest Windows update with over 150 new features, integrating the power of Copilot and new AI-powered experiences into apps like Paint, Photos, Clipchamp, and others.

Furthermore, Microsoft launched the latest versions of its hardware lineup, including the Surface Laptop Studio 2, Surface Laptop Go 3, and Surface Hub 3. The collaboration with OpenAI is also set to bring exciting developments, as plans are in place to provide users access to OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 image generator in its Bing Chat app, allowing users to create images directly within a chat.

As Microsoft continues its journey of innovation and AI integration across its ecosystem, this move assures its users a more streamlined, efficient, and personalized experience, further solidifying its stronghold in the AI technology landscape.




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