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Spotify Translation Tool Unlocks Wider Reach for Nigerian Podcasters


Global audio platform Spotify has introduced an AI-powered voice translation feature for podcasts. This innovative tool seamlessly translates episodes into different languages while retaining the podcaster’s distinctive voice. It represents a pioneering initiative that allows creators to easily expand their reach to foreign audiences.

Spotify initially rolled out the technology to a select group of podcasters, enabling translations from English into Spanish and French. German translations are slated to follow.

The core transcription and translation technology comes from OpenAI’s Whisper tool. But Spotify goes further by synthesizing translations in the host’s own voice rather than just transcribing.

Vice President Ziad Sultan stated this personalized approach helps global listeners discover podcasters more authentically. As adoption grows, the feature holds tremendous promise for African creators seeking wider listenership.

By breaking down language barriers, African podcasters can share unique perspectives with the world. This fosters greater cultural exchange and amplifies African voices on the global stage.

Podcast consumption is already growing steadily across Africa, including Nigeria where titles available to Spotify listeners exceeded 2.9 million in 2021. As formats like podcasts gain traction, tools that connect creators to new audiences become increasingly valuable.

Spotify continues integrating AI to enhance personalization and accessibility. Recently it expanded its personalized music feature ‘DJ’ to Nigeria after its initial North American launch. The translation tool similarly leverages technology to tailor experiences and expand reach.

Although still in early testing, Spotify’s innovation represents a breakthrough for podcasters hoping to build diverse global followings. For African creators, the opportunity to share their content and culture with worldwide listeners is now more attainable.



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