Public Access Now Available for Microsoft’s AI-Powered Bing Search


In a blog post, Microsoft said that it is making ChatGPT-powered Bing available to the public.The company’s AI-powered search engine was first available in Limited Preview with a waiting list. It is now in Open Preview, which means everyone can use it.

Also, the software giant has added more smart features to Bing Chat, changing it from a text-only search and chat service to a more visual and focused one on images and videos, with multimodal support coming soon. Users can also go back to past chats, look at their chat data, and share it.

It also added support for plug-ins so developers and other third parties can build on top of Bing to make it easier for people to act on their searches and finish jobs.

Microsoft says that more than 100 million people use Bing every day, and the number of people installing the Bing mobile app every day has increased by 4X since it was released three months ago. It also says its users have used the chat features to get summarized replies in over 500 million chats.

This new update, which comes just three months after the software giant gave a limited preview of the new ChatGPT-powered Microsoft Bing, makes Bing an even better competitor to Google in the market for search engines.




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