‘Morocco Now’ Investment Brand launches at the Expo 2020 Dubai

“Morocco Now” brand is promoting the country as a world-class industrial and export zone by highlighting the country as a top business destination for foreign investors


The Morocco Ministry of Foreign Affairs unveiled the “Morocco Now” investment and export brand on October 10. This took part on the sidelines of the Kingdom’s Expo 2020 Dubai. Morocco’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai looks to promote a leading industrial and exporting platform by pointing out its strength as a reliable business of high potential.

In the past two decades, Morocco now has first-class trade and transport infrastructure setting it on an advanced path to industrial take-off. In addition, the iconic Tanger Med is the first Maritime connection in Africa and the Mediterranean. Moroccan exports have increased by MAD 150 billion between 2010 and 2019.

“Morocco Now” is responding to challenges facing the world economy as it transitions towards low carbon production given the environmental emergency, consumer pressures, and new regulations across the globe. This covid-19 crisis has led to the reorganization of global value chains resulting in less global dependence and greater regional integration.

the Moroccan delegation unveiled a new identity that confirmed the mobilization and commitment of both public and private stakeholders.



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