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MTN Zambia Launches An App to Cut Down Roaming Costs


TechInAfrica – MTN Zambia in partnership with Kirusa has launched a new app in order to cut down the roaming costs. This innovative service helps Zambian customers who travel outside the country, either for business or personal purposes.

The app is called InstaVoice ReachMe that can be downloaded both on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The app has several benefits, including:

  • Significant cost reduction when making and receiving calls outside Zambia
  • Customers are able to use MTN Zambia number anywhere, including in the non-roaming partners’ areas.
  • Customers have an opportunity to buy virtual numbers for Canada, the US, and the UK for US$1/month. Additional countries follow sooner
InstaVoice ReachMe
InstaVoice ReachMe via

These virtual number can be used immediately once it’s activated and can also be used alongside the existing number. Customers are allowed to have a maximum of ten numbers that can be linked to business or a person. Moreover, those numbers can be used on any device. As a result, customers no longer need to bring more than one phone to use these multiple numbers.

InstaVoice ReachMe app allows users to make and receive calls within the app by converting them into VoIP calls. This service helps users in the state of roaming, out of network, or on flight mode.

InstaVoice ReachMe app would let its users receive a missed call alert or voicemail if a call remains unanswered. The feature can also be accessed within the app.

What makes InstaVoice ReachMe app different from the other instant chat apps, like WhatsApp or Telegram is that both caller and recipient don’t have to install the app to be connected. For example, A call B’s regular phone number using the InstaVoice ReachMe app and B may have no idea that the call is coming from an app.

MTN Zambia
MTN Zambia

Speaking about the launching of InstaVoice ReachMe app, Seun Soladoye, Acting Chief Marketing Officer at MTN Zambia commented, “ReachMe is a refreshing innovation that solves a pain point for our frequent flyer audience. This app is an outcome of totally re-thinking roaming and, by clever integration with the cloud, drastically minimizes our costs thereby allowing us to roll out attractive roaming packages.”

Meanwhile, the Founder and CEO of Kirusa, Inderpal Singh Mumick said, “Customers demand higher value, more convenience and lower roaming rates when travelling.  ReachMe delivers on this promise with the number one network in Zambia – MTN Zambia.  I’m delighted that MTN Zambia believes in the potential of voice-over-data solutions, in the context of a world that is increasingly getting connected over cloud.”


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