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MVX joins network of independent freight forwarders WCAworld


As the pandemic began to clear over international trade in early 2021. Merchants have found themselves in a puzzle in costly trade situation where import shipments face a raft of challenges.

The complicated nature of freight shipping involves several actors and moving parts presenting a daunting task for those managing it. MVX will now be in a better position to solve such challenges by joining the World Cargo Alliance (WCAworld) network – a large and powerful network of independent freight forwarders. This network allows innovative freight shipping and trade financing companies to enjoy instant access to a network of over 9,895 freight forwarders spread across 193 countries thus facilitating fast and efficient movement of freight internationally.

The membership was confirmed by MVC Founder and CEO Tonye Membere-Otaji, who revealed that the Africa-focussed company can now link with freight partners spread across 190 countries. The World Cargo Alliance is a large and powerful network of independent freight forwarders having  9,896 member offices spread across 193 countries globally. Members of MVX will reap from speedy and effiecient services to clients worldwide.


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