Navigating Ghana’s New Value Income Tax for Ride-Hailing Drivers


Starting January 1, 2024, ride-hailing drivers in Ghana will be required to pay a new Value Income Tax (VIT) every quarter, as announced by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA). This tax applies to commercial vehicle owners earning income from ride-hailing services like Uber, Bolt, and Yango. 

To comply, companies must acquire a digital VIT sticker, verify its validity with GRA, and furnish quarterly driver rosters. Failure to comply may result in penalties. GRA has advised the companies to promptly update platforms to enable tax payments via the *222# shortcode. 

The GRA announcement cited legal authority to require taxpayers to provide information and connect digital systems for monitoring tax compliance. All ride-hailing drivers must register vehicles at GRA offices, allowing VIT payments through the shortcode.

The new VIT aims to increase fiscal responsibility and industry contributions to Ghana’s broader economy. However, varying financial literacy levels warrant educational efforts for smooth adoption. GRA suggests workshops, online resources, and materials to aid understanding and ensure compliance.

Ride-hailing companies are encouraged to actively participate in educating drivers on the transition. Drivers can also contact GRA offices directly, call the toll-free hotline, or email inquiries. 

While adapting to new tax policies can be challenging, transparent communication and collaboration between regulators, companies, and drivers can ease the process. With some guidance, Ghana’s ride-hailing community can successfully navigate VIT adoption and continue providing safe, sustainable services.



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