The Rapid Rise of Nigeria’s Vibrant TikTok Community


TikTok’s recent enforcement report revealed over a million video removals in Nigeria last quarter for policy violations like nudity and hateful content. This highlights the platform’s exponential growth in Africa, especially Nigeria. 

While Kenyans mostly use TikTok for news, Nigerians favour entertainment and community building. This year saw a sharp rise in creative Nigerian creators going viral both domestically and across platforms like Twitter. 

Comedy dominated, with stars like Layi Wasabi’s lawyer sketches and Josh2funny’s acclaimed ‘The Audition’ series. Smaller creators also found quick fame, like Kehinde Ajose’s hilarious ‘Mummy GO’ mother-son skits and Rita Ginika’s popular sound reenactments as ‘Neekah’.  

Food was another viral category. Chef Hilda Baci gained millions of likes and followers from her record-breaking cookathon, while TSpices won fans through budget recipes and energetic voiceovers. 

Lifestyle vlogging also thrived, as young creators shared relatable content. Fisayo became hugely popular for funny, candid vlogs on Gen Z life. The chaotic ‘unemployed baddie’ Ima also attracted millions of likes.

Nigeria’s youth increasingly favour TikTok over Instagram, drawn by easier virality and abundant short videos. More people are joining creation as the platform constantly serves up new trends, filters and prompts. 

With the successes of early stars, 2024 should see a further spike in comedy, food, lifestyle and other creators. Despite policy violations, TikTok provides a vibrant stage for Nigeria’s flourishing community. Moderation alongside growth remains an ongoing balance.



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