Why We Need Truecaller Platform in Africa

Shola Akinlade,Nigeria, Truecaller, Paystack, Priyam Bose

There have been several online payment frauds in most of the African countries. In order to enhance customer identification in the continent, Paystack finalized a partnership with Truecaller.

According to Shola Akinlade, the Paystack CEO, the partnership will bring many benefits in Africa special in the business sector. It will help the entrepreneurs and startups to verify online customers’ identity and creation of trust in the online payment platform. He added that the company focuses on ensuring a high level of credibility and legitimacy for all payments made via the platform. He emphasized that country’s like Nigeria with the first experience in online transactions requires safe and fraud fewer payments. It is a great task that Paystack must consider seriously so as to win the confidence of the platform users.

On average, about fifty million Africans have subscribed to Truecaller so far. This app has enabled Nigerians to block 13 million calls as well as 25milion spam messages every month. Last year November, Truecaller declared to improve collaboration with the business ecosystem in the continent. The move will foster strong power in ensuring adoption of Truecaller platform in Africa.

Priyam Bose the Truecaller Head of Global Developer and Startup Relations the partnership has resulted in digitalization of businesses. He added that the support has made it possible for the Paystack to achieve vibrant online transactions in Nigeria. He further concluded that the entire Truecaller organization is thrilled by inculcating trust and friction free payments in Africa.


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