The Roles Played by the IDC Investment in DRC mining Projects in Africa

IDC, copper, cobalt, DRC, Mr. Mazwi Tunyisw

The South Africa Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is usually interested in investing in minerals mining in the DRC. The minerals comprised of the copper, Zinc, cobalt among others. Gold sponsor for the next DRC event interviewed the SBU Head (Basic metals and mining) Mr. Mazwi Tunyisw. The interview session took place during the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) event in South Africa.

The first question asked about Mr. Mazwi view concerning challenges facing Africa Mining sector especially the case of DRC

He noted a couple of challenge in the mining industry. Some of the problems include political instability, poor infrastructure, and capital shortages.  He explained that the main challenge in political instability in many African countries. Mining sector can perform well only if there is suitable ecosystem which attracts the foreign investors into the continent.

The second question asked why the DRC wanted to partner with the Gold sponsor

He explained that the core goal of IDC’s is to fund projects and make metal industries competitive worldwide. He added that DRC operations require funds to conduct mining activities especially raw sustainable raw materials acquisition. The partnership will, therefore, create a good platform for marketing, funding and future investment.

The third question asked about the current project that the company undertake current

He listed quite a number of mining projects including Alphamin tin mine which is one of the best tin mines globally. Other mining projects constitute of the Kalagadi Manganese in RSA and New Largo projects.

The fourth question asked about the DRC vision

According to him, the vision is to be the best mining industry in entire Africa. He hopes to see the company providing positive benefits to stakeholders including government, local communities, and environment.  This will mark the pre-condition for takeoff particularly in line with the sustainable mining industry.

The other question asked which areas is IDC active

He said that IDC is active in many regions in Africa. There is a need to increase the number of conferences and workshops in the continent.  This will help African countries to identify potential investors and market platforms for their products.

The final question asked what should be the IDC’s main message for this year event

He responded that IDC is looking forward to expanding its investment in DRC mining projects especially copper, zinc, and cobalt. The institution is also interested in improving mining related infrastructures in the continent.

He also wished well all participants in the upcoming conference and success as they carry out their mining endeavors.


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