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Nigeria startup Cryptofully launch borderless payment platform


Cryptofully, a Nigerian crypto startup launched the early version of her crypto startup that allows its users to send and receive bitcoins straight to their Niara accounts. You can get fast borderless money transmission from bitcoin to naira in less than 2 minutes.

Cryptofully aims to simplify cryptocurrency transactions and make them accessible for everyday payments such as airtime, bills, remittances, and business purchases. The team launched an early version of the app that focuses on remittances while offering a smoother experience when sending money to a bank account from anywhere across the globe. The transaction is effected within minutes.

The simplicity behind Crytofully’s platform targets seasoned bitcoin users and first-time crypto enthusiasts. With that in mind, the platform aims to leverage a great deal on community building and education so as to help early adopters find a reliable home with Cryptofully.

In a statement, Tega Gabriel, the Communications Manager Cryptofully said, “We understand that international money transfers are not a walk in the park. Most of them are inefficient and/or quite expensive.” He goes on to point out how easy it is to send Bitcoin money transfers, offers wealth preservation, and is great for investment.

We expect more activity from Cryptofully within the coming days, such as a roll-out of their Cryptofully Wallet, and other features.


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