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Nigerian billionaire, Obi Cubana seeks young Africans to develop African-tailored mobile phones


A business magnate Obinna Iyiegbu, also known as Obi Cubana, is looking for local techies to help him develop a smartphone specifically designed for the African market.

I need some help from you guys who are tech-savvy. During an Instagram live video session that TechEconomy was observing, he was quoted as saying, “I need somebody that can come up with an invention and say, “Obi, I have all the features and even more.”

It is important to remember that Obi Cubana is also one of the cofounders of New Age Mobile Concepts Ltd., a manufacturer of New Age phone chargers, Power Bank, phones and other phone accessories that recently had a relaunch in Lagos.

During the Instagram Live session, Obi shared his thoughts by stating, “I’ve been wondering, all these individuals that are Tech-savvy, kids.”

I am well aware that tens, thousands, or millions of you are out there. However, I have been curious as to why you have not been successful in producing a telephone or a telephone brand, in the same way, that we have Samsung, Apple, and so on.

Obi Cubana added the following to the caption of his image on Instagram: “So I got this fantastic idea…… I want an African to design a smartphone that is tailored to the needs of Africans, and together we will make it the most significant innovation of the decade……yes we can!!!!

Why haven’t we been able to….a black man, an African, or a Nigerian design a product that is affordable but has all of the qualities like what I’m using to do this live video right now, and say, “This produced by one of us, for everyone”?

“If I see a guy who claims he has the idea and the resources to create a mobile phone or telephone, I will take him seriously. Someone informs us, “This was produced for us by one of us.” After that, we have a look at it. I’ll take care of the person financially and make sure he has all he needs.”

And afterwards, we come up with a durable, whimsical, beautiful, and inexpensive phone for our people. He stated in many ways that “we will help this individual, publicize the idea, promote the phone, and even use some of the revenue to send people to school, to conduct charity, and to save people.




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