Nigerian health startup Helium Health raises $7m from Global Ventures

The investment was co-led alongside AAIC Japan

Helium Health

Helium Health, the Nigerian health startup that intends to digitize the health sector in the continent, has received US$7 million from Dubai-based Global Ventures and AAIC Japan. The funding round witnessed participation from Tencent, AAIC, and Noor Sweid. As an electronic medical records provider Helium is another of several medical startups that are reaping the attention to health-related ventures inspired by COVID-19.

The startup was launched in 2014 to digitize the health sector in Nigeria. They aspire to champion an end to paper-based recording in hospitals and shift to smart digital platforms. Their innovative software has assisted many healthcare organizations in streamlining their patient records.

Founded by Adegoke Olubusi, Dimeji Sofowora, and Tito Ovia the startup evolved to accommodate a wide range of services for its clients. Hospitals can easily track crucial analytics vital to future decision-making, adopt digital payment systems, and apply for financial credit lines. With an increased international shift towards telehealth, the company also has a telemedicine platform. That way patients can see check their health records, prescribed drugs, and results from lab tests.

Once they establish a firm foothold in Nigeria, the company intends to expand across the continent. The firm was fortunate to raise US$120,000 from their participation at the Y-Combinator program which was part of a $US2 million seed round.  Other strategic partnerships they have fostered over 2018 and 2019 are with MedicPlus and SmartDoctor. 


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