Nigerian Railway Corporation Launches E-Ticketing System


The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has announced the launch of a new e-ticketing system for its standard gauge railway network starting November 1st. According to NRC Managing Director Fidet Okhiria, e-ticketing represents a major step towards modernising and improving rail transportation across Nigeria.

The platform’s final testing is scheduled for completion on October 25th. It will initially only be accessible to select users for last-minute evaluations before going live to the public. This phased approach ensures a smooth and secure transition to the new e-ticketing system.

A key benefit is the system’s ability to directly channel ticket revenue into government coffers, significantly reducing corruption risks and leakage. This improves the railways’ financial integrity and efficiency.

The e-ticketing launch will begin on the Abuja-Kaduna route, addressing current challenges where passengers have to visit stations to buy tickets physically. With e-ticketing, travellers can conveniently purchase train tickets online at least 48 hours before their planned trip.

Following successful testing on the Abuja-Kaduna line, the system is expected to expand to the Lagos-Ibadan and Itakpe-Warri routes by November-end.

Okhiria also announced dismissals of staff caught illegally collecting cash fares in Ibadan per a disciplinary committee’s recommendations. This exemplifies the NRC’s strict adherence to rules and deterrence of misconduct.

Additionally, train speeds on the Lagos-Ibadan route will increase from 40 to 80 kilometres per hour. However, Okhiria cautioned that safety remains paramount, warning against unsafe activities like trading or playing on the railway.

E-ticketing will reduce human interference, streamline revenue collection, and limit passengers’ exposure to manipulative fare practices. Access will be opened to the public after the initial restricted phase.

In the broader context, rail’s popularity is rising in Nigeria. The NRC’s e-ticketing adoption significantly boosts convenience and efficiency for travellers.

While operational details are still forthcoming, the system is expected to enable ticket purchases through multiple channels like mobile devices, outlets, and stations, mirroring successful models in India and Bangladesh.

This aligns with Nigeria’s growing demand for modern, accessible transportation options. The NRC also plans to expand train services to more states and cities to increase accessibility.

Overall, the NRC’s transition to e-ticketing denotes an important milestone in the railway’s modernisation and Nigeria’s transport development.



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