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Nigerians Offered Financial Solutions to Purchase On-Installment Mobile Devices


TechInAfrica – Nigerians currently are able to purchase mobile devices through PAYG-system provided by PayJoy, a Silicon Valley-based tech company. PayJoy with three other partners; MTN, TD Mobile, and Sterling Bank offer the PAYG-system mobile devices as a financial solution for Nigerians so that they have more options when purchasing.

Regarding this PAYG-system called PayJoy Lock, Samsung came as the first mobile phone’s brand to sign up. As for the availability, it will only be provided at three selected MTN stores; Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

PayJoy Lock
PayJoy Lock via

Speaking for PayJoy, Dominique Friedl as the General Manager for Africa stated, “Our mobile locking technology enables financial inclusion for people who cannot access credit through the formal financial system and gives people in Africa and other developing markets access to technology and tools they could not otherwise afford,” he continued, “Our unique patented software disables the smartphone in case of non-payment but still allows consumers to remain connected to the mobile network.”

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of leading Nigerian device distributor of TD Mobile, Gozy Ijogun expressed that the technology-driven financial solution they are offering to Nigerians will help to gain more users of the smartphone in the region.

“We are delighted by this development because it will empower Nigerians to own devices that were once beyond their budgets,” Ijogun said.

According to the Senior Manager, Data and Devices of MTN Nigeria Abiodun Ajayi, there are many benefits Nigerians will get from the services, including 2GB free data monthly and access to MTN’s services, such as MTN Pulse, MTN Music Plus, and many more.

As the Head Strategy and Innovation of Sterling Bank‘s Group, Shina Atilola commented: “The scheme is open to all Nigerians and you do not necessarily have to be a salary earner to qualify. This is one of the surest and most convenient ways to own a high-end smartphone without burning a hole in your pocket.”


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