Nine Startups that Will Pitch their Projects at Seedstars Kigali

Rwanda seedstars

The list of nine startups that will present their projects at Seedstars Kigali, Rwanda on 20th July 2018 is already out, thanks to ventureburn. The list of the nine startups was announced by Seedstars World, one of the largest startup challenges for the emerging markets. The nine startups will have an opportunity to showcase in front of a panel that includes the head of communications agency at Studio Red,  Tanya Mulamula. The panel will also have Ephraim Rwamwenge of Rwa Business Group, Guido von Westerholt program manager of Westerwelle Startup Haus and Claudia Makadristo regional manager of Seedstars World Africa.

According to Makadristo, there has been a significant improvement in the Rwandan entrepreneurial scene in the recent past. He said that they were happy to get back to Kigali and were looking forward to seeing the result of the recent growth in the potential of entrepreneurs that will be selected to take part in the Seedstars World challenge. The event will take place under the support of Westerwelle Startup Haus Kigali and KLab. According to Westerholt, the return of the event to the capital is a confirmation of the positive growth of the local startup ecosystem and the global interest that it attracts. The nine startups come from business to business financing company, a talent match-making site and a startup that developed an AI-enabled device that helps blinds to see. Below is the list of the nine startups.

Tiva Motos. This is an e-commerce app that allows Rwandan based moto riders to pay for motorcycle services and products using their TIVA wallets or mobile number accounts.

The Einstein. It allows the needy students to get philanthropic support. The startup also targets to bypass lack of transparency and bureaucracy in the industry.

Blava Fablab Rwanda. The startup has put up a Blind Artificial Intelligence Vision Assistance device that works by the use of a lens enabled with artificial intelligence (AI).

BeneFactors. This is a business to business financing firm that offers its customers a tailored working capital solution in return for their unpaid purchase orders or invoices.

Raisin. This is an online ticketing site that supports international payment cards and mobile payment.

Favouriapps. The startup will give users a chance to save time through the purchasing of bus tickets on the sport via the mobile app of the startup.

eJobu. The startup helps freelancers in Rwanda to sell their skills to SMEs.

Comparisol. The startup offered an app that educated people on solar energy. It also offered a marketplace to compare quality and verified solar products for buying.

BAG Innovation. This is a talent matchmaking site that links talent young Rwandese with growing startups. According to information from its website, the startup has trained over 400 students and worked with more than 30 companies.


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