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Paradise Gaming Centre, an E-Sports Initiative, Opens in Ivory Coast


TechInAfrica – E-sports have been the most prominent topic when people talk about one of the newest forms of entertainment. Not in TV shows or blockbuster movies, but in e-sports where people spectate their favorite teams and players in regional and/or world-class tournaments. African countries are no exception to this exposure of amusement. Paradise Game, an African company focused on gaming and entertainment hubs, opened Paradise Gaming Centre on July 24th 2019. This gaming centre will serve as a paradise for gamers and enthusiasts alike to indulge themselves in the depths of e-sports.

Located in the capital of Ivory Coast—the city of Abidjan—it is often claimed as the largest video gaming venue in all of West Africa. Along with the extensive 1,200 square meters of space, Paradise Gaming Centre offers the latest equipments and gaming peripherals for users to enjoy. Not only for casual players, this venue also allows professionals to train for international competitions—or even to hold regional-based tournaments on their own. According to the company itself, video game fans can now enjoy the latest games while preparing for the upcoming FEJA, the largest esport event in Africa.

In this coming September, the venue is expected to present an 80 square meters space dedicated for middle and high schoolers to train themselves in the fields of computers, robotics, and the development of video games. Furthermore, in 2020, Paradise Gaming Centre will also facilitate startups, teachers, students and entrepreneurs to contribute to the first edtech and e-learning program ever conducted in Yopougon.

Sidick Bakayoko, CEO of Paradise Game via

According to Paradise Game, this initiative is based to attract more youths to acquaint themselves with the newest technologies—two forms of it being virtual entertainment and video games—with hopes to implement this scene into the future of Africa in general. Additionally, parents and children can also partake in the facilities offered by Paradise Gaming Centre, eventually bonding parent-children relationships via fun-filled activities.

Sidick Bakayoko, founder of Paradise Game, spoke of the company’s ambitions in building this initiative. “We ambition to transform the entertainment industry in Africa by using games as a way to learn and by allowing young Africans to discover the video game field, robotics and virtual reality.” Along with it, Paradise Game also expects more than 500,000 visitors per year. As a company whose goal is to empower, entertain, and educate youths of the African continent, this objective must lead to a more sustainable tech scene.



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