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Pikiwash’s Breakpoint at The Continental Start-Up Summit


The long-awaited Seedstar continental summit is set to happen at Matupo, Mozambique.

TechInAfrica – It is normally a seed-stage competition for fast-growing startups and emerging markets. Thus, it brings together entrepreneurs, successful individuals, industrial players, and investors. It is a great opportunity for both young and already established startups to showcase what they have. Moreover, in the summit, the investors normally embrace new inventions, invest and give suggestions. The summit brings together 20 winners from all over the African continent who won in their respective countries.

It is normally a two-day boot camp and training from some African investors. Pikiwash, which is a Taxi motor care startup in Rwanda, is set to represent the country at the summit this year. This is a great achievement of the start-up founder, having battled with many other incredible inventions.

During one interview, Mr. Kanamugire said that he was ready and happy about the forthcoming opportunity. This is because he wants to use it to network and acquire potential investors. His long-term goal for PikiWash is to expand it to other countries in Africa. Moreover, he also wants to interact with businessmen/women and investors from those regions to increase his chances of achieving his dream. Therefore, he wants to achieve this by making the best out of his presentation. Seedstar Rwanda Competition The competition was mainly tech-oriented with many individuals showcasing websites, applications, web-based applications and platforms.

However, this didn’t deter Pikiwash founder from bringing his project forward. This made it unique, as it deals with washing motorcycles. Fortunately, Pikiwash was able to be crowned the winner, having outdone other 11 competitive opponents. About Pikiwash Pikiwash is an eco-friendly start-up that focuses on environmental and social factors.  The environmental aspect is achieved by recycling water and preventing chemical and oil spillage on the environment.

On the other hand, the social aspect is achieved through the clients as they get to save money and time and embark on their activities after a short while. Future of Pikiwash The summit at Maputo won’t be the end of the journey for Pikiwash. Mr.Kanamugire is set to head to Geneva, Switzerland next year for the global competition that will be represented by 80 countries. 80 start-ups from across the world will be battling towards getting the grand prize of $500,000. In attendance will be start-up enthusiasts, government officials, business agents, venture capitalists, business people, corporate executives and many more industrial players. The main focus is on how innovations and technology can be used to improve operations and services in emerging markets. Pikiwash qualified for the “best environmental friendly and social impact” category. The founder also added that even if he doesn’t emerge as the winner, he will network as much as possible to achieve his dream at the end.


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