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Agritask And Hollard Partnership Offers Digital Crop Insurance For Mozambique Farmers

Two agronomic insurance companies work together to protect local farmers crops


TechInAfrica – For a country with more risk to natural disasters, Mozambique local farmers would want to take preventive measurements to protect their crops.

Leading global developer of a holistic agronomic operations platform Agritask and premier insurer group Hollard Mozambique partnered to solve this potential problem with the presence of digital crop insurance.

The technology maps and registers insured farms into the village-based geographical clusterization while enhancing the risk assessment by integrating additional data layers to the platform. Digital mapping means all registered farms can get tracked in real-time within the plot and portfolio level of relevant parameters.

“Data requirement in crop insurance is highly complex and multidisciplinary, ranging from agronomy, climate and geospatial, to finance and administration,” Agritask Managing Director – Head of Insurance, Dr. Rom Aviv said.

According to Dr. Rom, the complex and multidisciplinary nature of the required data makes operations platform a prerequisite in order to implement a rigorous agricultural insurance scheme at scale.

“Creating a robust digital infrastructure can greatly enhance the existing methods. For countries prone to natural disasters such as Mozambique, it can also serve to strengthen preparedness and rehabilitation efforts, such as by generating alerts for the relevant farmers to take precaution,” Dr. Rom said.

“We are pleased to partner with Hollard, a premier insurance company who shares our vision for greater protection for smallholders.”

Agritask has been providing a high-resolution and dynamic database that use location point of farms to generate secondary data such as the satellites and weather. It allows the company to do the risk assessment, create targeted insurance products, and do remote monitoring of crops condition through the seasons.

“We see a significant opportunity to expand our agricultural insurance practice from both business and impact perspectives. As company, we continue to work hard to improve climate resilience and food security for hundreds of thousands of smallholders in Africa,” Managing Director – Agriculture Insurance of Hollard Israel Muchena said.

credit: Agritask Facebook

“We are pleased to collaborate with Agritask that brings enabling technologies and shares the same goals as ours. At Hollard, we take pride in innovating and delivering improved insurance solutions for our clients.”



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