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Prize of $1 Million to Improve the African Health Sector

The Al-Sumait Prize for African Development

The Al-Sumait Prize for African Development was launched in January 2018. The award targets one African innovator or entrepreneur to win up to $1 million prices. The innovator or entrepreneur must have an idea of health solution. The program focuses on improving the African health sector. The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) asked people to place their applications.

The application will be for nomination for the health category award Al-Sumait Prize. The call was made on 15th January 2018. The application runs until 30th June 2018. The nomination is ongoing for both the organizations and innovators. They must have come up with innovative solutions to the health challenges.

The Al-Sumait Prize for African Development is given out every year. The prize is used to acknowledge and reward improvements in many sectors. The sectors include education, food security, and health in Africa. According to KFAS director Adnan Shihab-Eldin, the 2018 prize will be unique. It will recognize both innovators and institutions. Both the two must have significant improvement within the field of health. At the same time, they must have produced seminal impact and tangible results in health care. Much emphasis should be on helping the needy.

To qualify for the price, the nominees must give out innovative research work. Apart from the research work, projects that have attained high-impact are also taken. The African health sector does not favor everyone.  Most of the beneficiaries to good health care are those from the rich background. That leaves most of the less privileged with no option. They then opt for the poor health services. Countries that have subsidized health services tend to be less reliable.

That makes people to even seek treatments in overseas. That has been relatively expensive that has led to the loss of life to some people. Al-Sumait Prize for African Development comes in to develop the African health sector.

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