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Roboost completes a six figure funding round to implement delivery automation


Roboost, formerly known as Tayar, is an Egyptian technology start-up. It has raised a six-figure seed round from Falak Startups and AUC Angels. It also received additional funding from Flat6Labs.

The company didn’t say how much money was raised in the most recent round. Roboost is an AI-powered automated delivery management solution that was launched in 2020. It simulates real-world operations digitally and handles day-to-day situations. It can also learn to improve every part of the delivery process.

This gives retailers, e-commerce companies, cloud kitchens, and delivery service providers more control over their delivery operations by simplifying the process and providing real-time data. The system first connects to the client’s sales channels, allowing it to automate order management, group, and route optimization, automated dispatching, and delivery agent performance management. All of these variables are tracked in real-time.

Hassan Kamel, co-founder, and chief operating officer of Roboost, says, “With Roboost, we’re helping businesses reach their full operational potential. We’ve seen this as our clients have reached the 20-minute goal for customer satisfaction and cut their costs by 30%.”

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our clients’ delivery operations and adding new features based on data collected from over 2200 delivery agents who have traveled over nine million kilometers. The radical and transformative change in delivery operations has positioned us as the best solution for local and multinational brands, which we are proud to serve with a 100% retention rate.”

The company’s co-founder and CEO, Mohammed Hassan, says that the next goal is to give SMEs more power by automating their deliveries through Roboost’s AI delivery marketplace. This will let them provide the best service to their customers and help their businesses grow.

Mohamed El Ghannam, the principal at Flat6Labs, says, “We are delighted to help Roboost’s team bring more value to their clients through their innovative We believe that this fundraising round will assist Roboost in growing their business by allowing them to improve their AI delivery management system and increase the variety of products they offer. 

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Roboost and how the company’s technology will contribute to the continued success of its customers in Egypt and abroad.

Ahmed Hazem, the managing director of Falak, says, “Roboost is a company we are lucky to have found. They have an amazing team with the grit and persistence to build a great solution, and they also help offset the damage that fast-paced commerce does to the environment while boosting their operations. It’s a win-win.”




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