SA startup Legal Lens promises more savings on legal fees

Legal Lens

During legal disputes, the legal fees can pile up very swiftly. It is disheartening working on a given matter only to wind up in a legal debate. Unfortunately, not many people are willing to discuss or are altogether hesitant to discuss money issues with lawyers.

The legal tech startup was founded by Yusha Davidson and Catherine-Jane Paulse who are well-admired attorneys and rely on machine learning and highly experienced attorneys to help clients review their legal fees. It is often difficult to review legal invoices as clients avoid interrupting the relationship with their lawyers by disputing the bill quoted from the lawyer. In addition, the review process is time-consuming so Legal Lens came up with an innovative tech solution to reduce the legal fees and review legal invoices.

Clients get to send their legal invoices and correspondence on fee arrangements, as well as a letter of engagement for the lawyers at Legal Lens to review the fees. According to the startup, clients get to save an incredible sum in legal fees. As for what clients typically save from this solution – around 17.5% of the amount saved (inclusive of VAT).

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