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SA waste-tech Kudoti wins prized award at global competition

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Kudoti is a digital recycling supply chain platform that seeks to revolutionize digital recycling by tracking recyclable waste in real-time then matching it to demand. In turn, this will improve the market conditions for waste materials while encouraging the adoption of recycling behavior.

Matthieu De Gaudemar, one of Kudoti’s co-founders attributes the success of the team to its diversity and their attribution of “waste as a resource.” Gift Lubele is also one of its co-founders.

The winners of the nestle CSV prize received $40 000 cash prizes, coaching from Nestle’s experts, access to Ashoka Europe Fellowship modules, and an open door for exploring potential partnerships from Nestlé’s workshops.

The Nestlé Creating Shared Value (CSV) Prize has been operational for the last 10 years and is looking to create highly scalable local solutions. This year’s theme asked innovators, ‘How do we create a waste-free future?’ Ashoka is a non-profit organization that was recently listed among the top 200 impactful citizen sector organizations across the world – based on the NGO Advisor’s annual list of the top 200.

Kudoti has enjoyed an incredible run since its inception in 2019. Last year we covered their success in winning the South Africa AIM Virtual Startup Pitch competition. It also emerged as the SA startup champion for 2020.


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