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Verto Collaborates with Investec to Transform International B2B Payment Landscape”

Shoemaker in Accra, Ghana, completes payment

Verto SA is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Investec, a distinguished provider of financial services. This collaboration is a significant step in transforming the landscape of B2B cross-border payments for South African companies globally.

Boasting over $6 billion in transaction volumes and a client base spread across 27 countries, Verto has established itself as a key player in meeting South African enterprises’ international payment and foreign exchange demands.

The acquisition of licensing and the partnership with Investec underscore Verto’s dedication to local regulations. Verto South Africa is now in sync with Investec, an Authorized Dealer governed by the South African Reserve Bank, FSCA. It is also a registered accountable institution with the Financial Intelligence Centre.

Ola Oyetayo, CEO of Verto, comments, “This alliance is not just a merger of two trustworthy and compliant cross-border payment entities, but it’s also a part of our ongoing strategy to extend our first-rate platform to an increasing number of businesses in Africa.”

The collaboration between Verto and Investec enables South African companies to manage international payments effortlessly, using either a single API or Verto’s web and mobile interfaces. By simplifying the currency conversion process and managing global accounts, Verto guarantees regulatory adherence and outstanding customer support in international transactions.

Oyetayo adds, “The Verto platform is designed to tackle the main challenges South African companies face in making international payments. It includes self-service features and an automated system under development, aiming to deliver a superior and reliable payment experience for South African businesses.”




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