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Nigerian Data Company Stears Transition Into B2B Intelligence Solutions


Stears, a leading Nigerian data and intelligence company, is shifting from consumer-facing data to organization-focused intelligence solutions. Since launching in 2017, Stears has become an authoritative source on Nigerian data and analysis. However, based on user feedback, the company will now prioritise intelligence offerings for enterprises.

Stears Director Yvette Dimiri said professional users increasingly requested tailored insights and data solutions, signalling an organisational fit. “When we considered how to produce these solutions sustainably as a business, it became clear we need to shift our model,” Dimiri stated.

Backed by $4 million in funding, Stears will provide new intelligence products like market forecasts, consumer indices, and macroeconomic datasets to global companies operating in Africa. Current customers include the UNDP, European Investment Bank, and Citibank Nigeria.

Stears will continue operating its individual subscription service until active subscriptions expire. Dimiri said many professional subscribers would likely continue engaging Stears through their organisations. The company will also maintain its editorial arm and analyst team.

According to Dimiri, Stears’ backers support the pivot because some free offerings, like its election database, will continue. The change was not influenced by its subscription model, which she said the company is very satisfied with.

Stears aims to expand its presence across East and West Africa while transitioning to an organization-focused model. Dimiri acknowledged Stears gained authority by empowering Nigerian individuals with reliable data insights.

However, user feedback showed strong demand from global institutions for tailored intelligence. By pivoting to serve this need in a sustainable business model, Stears leverages its clout as Nigeria’s premier data firm to provide vital insights across Africa.



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