South African Femtech Facilitates Access to Reproductive Health Products


Femconnect is a South Africa-based femtech startup seeking to enhance women’s access to reproductive health products and services through its digital platform.

Founder Anosele Kotu launched Femconnect in 2020 to tackle gaps in reproductive care she observed firsthand growing up. Limited clinic supplies and stigma deterred many women from obtaining contraceptives or feminine hygiene items.

Kotu set out to develop a solution enabling South African women to discreetly and easily manage their sexual and reproductive health needs with greater dignity.

The Femconnect platform focuses on three key pillars – menstrual health, family planning, and combating period poverty. Users can track periods, connect with donors for products, and consult virtually with licensed healthcare professionals.

Despite initial skepticism, Kotu notes Femconnect has garnered positive reception as public attitudes shift. She highlights growing openness to using the platform for diverse needs from donations to family planning advice.

But as an early-stage femtech founder, Kotu faced challenges securing investor backing to scale. She emphasizes that while accelerator programs provide useful training, women entrepreneurs also crucially need financing support to thrive in African tech.

Looking ahead, Kotu plans to bring Femconnect’s offerings to more African countries by tailoring content and introducing local language capabilities. She also aims to partner with public clinics and hospitals to facilitate telehealth services through the platform.

Kotu believes improving family planning access advances gender equity and women’s economic participation. Femconnect has earned recognition for its work empowering women, including South Africa’s GovTech SITA Digital Woman award.

As digital adoption accelerates globally, startups like Femconnect leverage technology to make women’s health solutions more responsive to female preferences. But femtechs still face uphill battles attracting awareness and funding, especially in emerging markets.

By expanding across Africa and collaborating with public healthcare networks, Femconnect demonstrates the potential of thoughtful femtech innovation to drive positive impact.



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