SADC Innovation Challenge finally announces winners

The grand finale of the SADC innovation and investment challenge just took place

SADC Innovation challenge banner

SADC innovation challenge finally announced 4 winners at the end of the programme. The winners are lucky to walk away with initial financing and incubation for their ideas as they progress forward to a regional phase. The theme for the 2020 program was “Supporting data-driven innovation and investment in the SADC region“.

SADC innovation challenge

The criteria employed when determining winners were the top group that emerged per problem category. These were Access to Services, Women and Savings, SMME financing, and Financial identity. The winners according to category were:

  1. OCLIYAAccess to services by Emmanuel Chatina.
  2. Light Technologies involving Women & Savings by Ananias Zulu
  3. Kairos Micro Finance -an SMME Financing by Victor Custom.
  4. Digital KYC MW – Digital Financial Identity by Bahat Phiri.

The program was a brilliant initiative by FinMark Trust and mHub Malawi.  More on the SADC innovation challenge can be accessed here:

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